Warpstone Trial

The Warpstone Trial is a trial which must be undertaken by all young members of tribes which have pledged fealty to the Khan before they reach the age of 10.

The nature of the “trial” is very simple. The child is simply left exposed to the warpstone in a small hut for up to three hours. If the child survives, they are entitled to become fully-fledged members of the clan.

The penalty for evading the Warpstone Trial is death. The punishment is visited not only on the child themselves, but also on the child’s parents and – if the child has lived long enough already to produce them – upon all the child’s descendants.


Attempting to predict a child’ prospects for survival in the trial is an extremely common occupation among those who raise offspring in the Unconquered tribes. Those who are born halflings, or with noticeable disabilities or defections of any kind, are frequently abandoned or killed. Families are typically large – often encompassing 10-15 children – in the hope that a significant enough portion will survive the trial.

Survival rates

The exact survival rates of the Warpstone Trial are unknown. Nobody has ever attempted to record the ratio of success to failure, or the exact number of children who undergo it yearly.

Warpstone Trial

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