Trellech City

Trellech City is a city on the West Coast, and is the largest known city in The Dream. It was founded in 1005 by settlers from Skye led by Sinhus the Mage. Since then, it has grown into a thriving metropolis and the hub of urban civilization.

Since the time of Alfred, Trellech City has identified itself as a home to all those who support the values of the First Band .

For an overview of the city’s history, see Rulers of Trellech.


The busiest area of Trellech City is the resplendent Settlement Square, which is located near the coast. The square looks out to the western Ice, providing beautiful views at night as the ice sparkles on the horizon. The square boasts an enormous statue of Sinhus, who is kneeling with his hands cast upwards.

East of the Square is the Spider Palace, where rulers of Trellech have resided since the time of Anna.

Trellech City

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