Theo Palzi

Theo Palzi (b.1325) is a visual artist who lives in Trellech City. He is credited as one of the most influential artists of the Time of Troubles and the Empire. Palzi has enjoyed widespread recognition not only as a pioneering artist in terms of technique, but one whose imagination and interpretation has had a significant influence on how citizens of Trellech imagine their past.


Palzi’s painting The Burning Library was slated by Lazarenko, who called it a “well-executed but seriously misjudged exploitation of a world tragedy. Art means nothing without conscience, and I fear Mr. Palzi may be losing that distant and incisive gaze which has made him so valuable an artist in the past.” The painting was commissioned in order to represent the tragedy of the College of Artificiers.

Notable Works


Leguin the Butcher


The Burning Library


Ezekiel the Dread

Theo Palzi

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