Selidie (pronounced “sell-dee”) is a colossal spider-like creature that has existed for as long as humans have been aware of the Ice. She appears to live in that area and to patrol it permanently.

Travellers who use the southern crossing on the narrowest part of the Ice often report seeing the outline of Selidie in the distance, though none have reported getting close to her since the time of Sinhus the Mage.


Selidie is estimated to be between 750 and 1,200 feet tall, though the whiteout conditions that typically prevail on the ice lend themselves to distortion.

Sinhus’ account, Through Ice and Fate, describes Selidie as having a skeleton of gold, encased in a thick outer shell of ice. Travellers who have spotted her, however, report no such skeleton.

Sinhus’ account is also puzzling for portraying Selidie as a peaceful presence, when all other accounts describe her aggression towards anyone that comes near.


Selidie is seen as an extremely significant figure in the folklore of Trellech City, and to this day the City’s crest is a golden spider laid against the rising sun, intended to represent Selidie’s stewardship and the city’ hope for the future.


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