Ice Sheet

The Ice Sheet is a vast plain of ice which covers roughly one half of the Dream. While the continent of Trellech and the surrounding islands dominates one half of the world, the other is covered in a fluctuating sheet of ice, which at certain times of the year grows very close to the coasts.

The ice has occasionally played significant roles in human history, most notably during the life of Sinhus the Mage, when 300 former slaves from ancient Skye crossed the Ice from the Eastern Coast to the Western.

The Ice is protected by Selidie, who has thwarted all attempts to date to make exhibitions to the centre of the ice. This became established for certain during the reign of King Thomas, who offered rewards and land to explorers who could chart the Ice fully. Many an ambitious Druid or Mage has embarked on journeys across the eyes with the intent of studying or contacting Selidie, but none have returned safely.

Fae folk frequently claim to be from the Ice, but these suggestions ought to be treated with suspicion.

Ice Sheet

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