Tag: Imperial Council


  • Tunon

    h1. Tunon *Tunon* is the name of the *Imperial Councillor for Justice*. The remit of the Councillor is to oversee the legal system of Trellech, and the shared laws between Trellech and the Alliance. As with all members of the Imperial Council, …

  • Gilburd

    *Gilburd* is the head of the Seventh Leg of the [[Eight Legged Legion | Eight Legged Legion]]. He or she represents the Legion as a whole on the [[Imperial Council]]. As with all imperial councillors, Gilburd's true identity is not publicly known.

  • Imperial Council

    The *Imperial Council* are an executive body which oversees the governance of Trellech. They oversee the implementation of imperial decrees. Imperial Councillors are obliged to adopt pseudonyms and to erase traces of their true identity before taking …

  • Trus

    *Trus* is an anonymous member of the [[Imperial Council | Imperial Council]]. They are responsible for implementing financial policy.