Martin Hewlett


Dr. Martin Phineas Hewlett is an Artificier, whose whereabouts is presently unknown. He was an instructor at the College of Artificiers.


Early Career

Born in 1305, Hewlett was raised as the son of a local magistrate. He secured a place at the College at age 23, following an internship at Ascension. His doctoral thesis focused on Arcane Architecture – and it is his contributions in this field for which he remains most renowned. His work on automation, while less celebrated, has also been hailed as groundbreaking.


During his time a the College – and subsequently as a private contractor – Hewlett’s expertise was commissioned in the construction of the following prominent structures:

Post-Collegial Life

After the College was destroyed, Hewlett moved to ????, where he continued to work as a private contractor.

Martin Hewlett

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